Saturday, August 16, 2014

The miracle of a second new life...

This wonderful message was recently posted on Julia's facebook page, and we wanted to share it with you. One of the best things to hear and believe in right now are stories of people who have gone through this and come out victorious. 

"Sweet Julia, one of the happiest days of my entire life was this last February when my beloved boss and friend, Dr. Joe, received his new liver. Julia, I think we had all gotten to the point where we didn't think he'd ever find a donor. It was looking so bleak. We kept holding the thought, 'The very perfect donor is looking for Dr. Joe as hard as we are searching for that perfect donor!" And just when we thought all hope had been lost, the call came. It was a match. And the miracle of a second new life began for him. I share this with you so you will always, always, always know that the call can come at any moment, and at any moment, your new second life will begin. You are always in my prayers. May that call come today!"

Thank you so much for sharing this encouraging story with us Jeannette!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Thank You!

What an outpouring of love and support!

We truly appreciate all of your prayers and blessings. Things are moving in a positive direction and we are highly encouraged. So many great souls have come forward and made the most selfless, courageous offer imaginable by signing up to be donor candidates. UCSF is currently reviewing the health evaluations. Now is the time to wait and stay positive.  

We are so grateful.


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Thank you so much for joining us here in support of Julia: a wife, mother, grandmother, and dear friend to many people who know and love her. 

Julia urgently needs a liver transplant.

Because time is running out, and getting a liver from a deceased donor can take up to years, doctors are urging us to find a person with a blood group compatible to Julia's and willing to be a LIVE DONOR.

Transplants from living donors are possible because the liver has the ability to regenerate. When a portion of the donor's liver is removed, regeneration of the remaining part of the liver happens within a matter of weeks. 

UCSF has two of the top surgeons in the world for liver transplants. We could not be at a better facility for this procedure. 

All of the donor's medical expenses are covered by Julia's insurance.

Click HERE to learn all about the process of being a donor. 

Click HERE to watch a short movie about being a live liver donor. 

And most importantly, click HERE to fill out the health evaluation form and to submit yourself as a potential candidate! To do so, you will need Julia's date of birth: 11/07/1957 and her full name: Julia Lazar. This is something you can back out of any time, there is no obligation. Please consider signing up!

Julia has so much to live for. Your help could give her LIFE. 

Thank you!

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